API: American Petroleum Institute

Founded in 1919, it is a national organization of the United States of America, which has a destined area for the elaboration of standards for all the oil & gas industry. It consists of 400 corporate members, from all the segments of the industry.

API is the leader of the standards elaboration and its global expansion is greater each day; now at days there are more than 500 standards adopted by the international market, such as federal and state regulations, as well as per ISO standards.

Even though the main focus of the institute is at the United States, recently it has expanded to a global level, and today API is recognized everywhere on its different programs.

Some of the key aspects of the oil and gas industry that are touched on the API standards include: exploration and production topics, refining, protection and security against fire, petroleum measurement, subsea production systems, maritime transportation, prevention of pollution of the soil and groundwater, onshore, drilling , pipes, health and environment, storages tanks, gasoline, fastening systems, to name some.

API monogram program has been developed, which verifies that the manufacturers meet the highest quality standards according to specifications for the products such as: API 650 for welding of petroleum storage tanks, API 6A for Christmas trees, API 20E for fastening systems of carbon steel (AUGE product). API, also certifies companies in quality management system through de ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001 and a more demanding program, API Q1 for the oil & gas industry suppliers.

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